Innovative Sample Preparation Devices
Improve blood sample management, workflow,
accuracy, and patient outcomes.

Learn more about GE's groundbreaking mesoscale blood separation device,
the core of accuFD's technology

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A Vener8 Technologies company


Vener8 is a GE global commercialization partner. Through Vener8, accuFD has licensed GE's revolutionary gravity array separation technology for use in blood sample separation.

By optimizing key fluidic and gravitational principles, accuFD separates blood plasma from cells with > 99% accuracy. Key applications include sample preparation for non-invasive pregnancy testing and liquid biopsies.

accuFD is faster, less expensive, and requires less human intervention than traditional centrifugation and thus offers a superior diagnostic sample preparation solution.

Board of Advisors

Jody Berry (Director Research, Grifols)
Jerry Culp (VP Global Development, Stryker)

Management Team

Paul Neeb (CEO, Director)
Jon Glass (CCO, Vener8)
Susan DeCarlo (Controller)

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